Lonely Girls Are Strong

In Sextions on January 27, 2010 at 10:58 AM

My first post… What about a girl who lives alone because her parents had to check upon her brother in another country… and here, the girl is taken as a helpless human who needs male company… and those so-called male friends have suddenly turned into very-caring friends.

Why do people always think that girls cannot live alone? A job, a house, a good neighbourhood and some friends and families calling up sometimes… what else do we need?

We have heaters if it’s too cold at night, we have curtains if we feel like stripping nude in summer… What else?

If those can-I-come-to-your-place-for-some-company guys stop acting so over-caring which gives the impression that they have only the X-thing in mind, then, they could have been very very VERY good friends.

Unfortunately, they don’t think with their brain and neither love with their heart…

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