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Brother v/s Sisters… but mom?

In Injustix on February 16, 2010 at 8:54 PM

Whatever happens, happens for the best… but… whatever happens before the best… is never so-great!

A man lives 66 years and dies eventually, one day during fast.  He’s got a wife, hopefully only one, 4 daughters and 1 son. He’s also bestowed with 2 pieces of land; his house built on one. The last 30 years, he’s been fighting over the heritage his father left his brothers, sisters and himself. Hence, it never came to him, that instead of fighting 3 metres of land, why not write his own will, because death comes uninvited.

Eventually, the day came, no will done and his wife and children were left to do court visits.

If nowadays children were cooperative and really bound by brotherly-sisterly love, courts wouldn’t have been so much visited as it is today… and… lawyers, notaries etc… wouldn’t have been SO RICH, damn!

Like many cases of nowadays, the son wanted the whole portion of land and the house for himself, having lived their all his life with wife and kids, and is leaving the other land to be shared by his 4 sisters. WTF! What will one do with a 15 metres by 18 metres of land! The son’s only claim is that “father always said that this land and house is mine, though he has never written it in a will. He was about to write, but he died before that”. The wife knew that once her husband did say so, in alcohol’s grip. And who paid for the bottles? Yeah, the son!

What always happens in these cases… happened. All 4 sisters became 1, though 1 sister is not in Mauritius. But the mother! Where will she go?

Many questions are coming up in family gossips… why is the brother doing like that? Why are the sisters not coming to an agreement with the brother? The sisters already have their houses, why not let him be, sell the other portion of land and share the money?

“No!” The 4 sisters said.

Let’s see what happens… whose side will the mother take? Whose side will the law take…

Regards, inslady